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Astoria Exquisite Banquets

The lavish interior of this extraordinary venue evokes the charm of a historic mansion in Chicago IL
1375 West Dundee Rd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 (847) 392-7500




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Welcome to the web3Dcamp Wiki


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date: 8. & 9. september 2007


IMPORTANT: follow-up on sunday 11am SLT

Ich (Sebastian Otaared) komme vermutlich leider erst sp├Ąter heute Abend. Bitte daher einfach die erste Session ohne mich anfagen! Danke


final timeslots selected!


we start at 11am SLT and get together/socialising starts at 9 or 10am SLT - however you want!


after a few weeks we've now decided which timeslots we will take. take a look at the sign up here, to learn more!


What is the web3Dcamp?




The web3Dcamp is an ad-hoc un-conference in second life. it follows the principles of a barcamp, and wants to bring together residents from around the world to discuss and share ideas about the upcoming three dimensional web, virtual worlds ... the metaverse et al.


My intention to organize this web3Dcamp in second life is to give residents the opportunity to do sessions and to attend a conference, who might not have the chance to speak on a real world virtual worlds conference or don't want to travel long distances to join one. There are so many people around the metaverse, who do exciting projects and other stuff, that it makes me optimistic, that we get an weekend full of exciting sessions and participants.


Feedback Web3DCamp


This is the first Web3DCamp in Second Life - so your feedback is important to us! What do you think about useability, the location and the communication during the sessions at this ad-hoc-unconference in a virtual venue? Feedback


What to do next?



... and of course ...


  • spread the word about the web3Dcamp
  • spread the word about the web3Dcamp
  • spread the word about the web3Dcamp


A few more remarks


Our web3Dcamp will take place on a two sim venue in second life, so that we can host more than 100 participants at the same time. more over the conference center has facilities to do 2 or even more tracks at the same time. We have in mind, that a worldwide un-conference like this, takes place in several time zones and we hope, that though our sign up process we can balance the traffic as good as possible.


Don't hesitate to do a session!


An un-conference is a place for everybody and not only the "big players". Whether you manage a community, work on nice and small 3d web project or just have crazy ideas about the 3d web - don't hesitate to do a session.





A session can be:


  • a company, project (whatever) presentation
  • a discussion
  • a brainstorming
  • a panel discussion
  • a question and answer session
  • a workshop


... whatever you wanna do and think people might be interested in to participate!


The conference language in gereral will be English, but don't mind to offer or require a session in your native language. For this case we will try to arrange, that sessions in other languages than english will take place "non-english-speaking-friendly-time".




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