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inworld venue

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Inworld Venue: The Corecon Convention Center


The CoreconCC is the venue sponsor of this camp. Their convention center is located on the boarder of two sims and has therefore the advantage of hosting bigger events. The CoreconCC exist since september 2006 in Second Life and there have taken place several german web2.0 like events so far. On a (more or less) regular basis, there is the webmonday every month - a small ad-hoc gathering similar to a barcamp - livepodcasts, mixed-reality events and conference stuff like that.


atm we are still doing some building there to get it optimized for the web3Dcamp! So don't wonder if you visit us inworld: SLURL


It has the following facilities:


  • one big auditorium for up to 100 people
  • two audiotoriums for up to 50 people (each on another sim)
  • three meeting rooms for up to 20 people
  • big foyer and outdoor area
  • a small club in the basement for the after-show-party


Pictures CoreconCC









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