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session proposals

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Session Proposals


The idea of an un-conference is, that every participates as an active member. Everybody is allowed to offer or require sessions.


You have a topic you wanna talk about?

Make your proposal on this page below!


You are interested in specific topic and want others to talk about?

Require a session and make a proposal on this page below!


One week before the confernce we will open up our time sheet for the conference and than speakers can take a slot by themselve and everybody sees how the conference will look like.

Please add your SL-Nickname behind a Session offer oder request!


Sessions Offerings:


  • Attention Data in Second Life (Sebastian Otaared)
  • Inworld Advertising - Does it work? (Sebastian Otaared)
  • Semantic Metaverse - Some thoughts (Sebastian Otaared)
  • Online Dialogue and Deliberation on Second Life (Intrepid Replacement)
  • wiki-net, exchange data about wikis among wikis effectively, MattisManzel, sl-name: Mattis Voltaire
  • ting, real-time edit sessions on collab-editor software exported to wiki. MattisManzel, sl-name: Mattis Voltaire
  • Performance Messurement in Second Life, Formula for a useful SL-Metric with Key Performance Indicators for Immersion and attraction (http://www.sltalk-partner.de/?q=node/8) (Patrick Wunderland).
  • Virtual Worlds Legal issues (Assets and Land, Commerce, IP, Privacy etc), sl-name: Solomon Cortes
  • Teaching and Learning in Second Life, (Jim Gustafson), Saturday 11:00 AM SLT, 20:00 MESZ
  • Machinima - first steps, (Jim Gustafson), Saturday 12:30 PM SLT, 21:30 MESZ


Session Requests:


  • How to produce a Machinima (Sebastian Otaared)
  • How to build your own home on SL tutorial/workshop (Intrepid Replacement) -- Unless that's too much of a newbie session. ;-) As a tangible outcome, we would create a checklist of things to keep in mind when starting to build your own place.
  • add your own request here


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