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date: 8. & 9. september 2007


Add your name below to sign up for the conference for free.


If you want to offer or request a session, please go to the session proposals!




Please have in mind, that we are limited in the amount of people we can host at the same time.

Please add your name only on the days and time slots you will come for sure!

One timeslot will have 4 sessions in each track.


To see when people will show up, will also help the speakers to optimize their session timing!


If you are not sure for now add you to the "maybe" list.


Please use the following format:


  • SL-NAME, RL-NAME (optional), COUNTRY (optional), WEB (blog, twitter, linkedin, facebook whatever you like)


to put you name on the list press "edit page" and use the password from the page-title. if you have problems signing up, send me an email: sebastian.kuepers at gmail dot com



Saturday / 8. september


(8pm - 12pm GMT+1 | 11am - 3pm SLT)


  1. Sebastian Otaared, Germany
  2. Kallisto Ihnen
  3. Silvio Lowenhardt
  4. ELzbiet Meili, USA, The Metaverse
  5. Solitude Mainline, Germany
  6. Pham Neutra, Markus Breuer, Germany, _notizen
  7. January Lightfoot, Jan Northoff, Germany, wwwBERLINinSL.de
  8. Intrepid Replacement, Tim Bonnemann (USA), Founder, Intellitics -- Blog, 3 tags: online deliberation, group problem-solving, civic sensemaking
  9. Natacha Salomon, Natacha QS / Quester-Séméon, France, humains-associes.org/blog and nethique.info (Island : Ile Verte / humanism and ecology), memoire-vive.org (blog and SL gallery), i-Marginal (islands : Neutrino, Neutrino Campus), FaceBook, Linkendin, Twitter (in-world, out-world), Jaiku, Ziki, bloghud, slprofiles, flickr.
  10. Seekoeur Atlantis http://www.seekoeur.com">http://www.seekoeur.com
  11. Fitou Foulon, Hagen Graf - France - cocoate.com, slconference.eu
  12. Rolf Nykvist, Rolf Hemmerling, Germany, http://www.hemmerling.com
  13. Tracy Ruggles, Oberon Olaria, USA, http://www.tracyshaun.com
  14. Maxie Schneider, Martina Schubert, Germany
  15. Ziggy Moonflower, Germany, http://www.slbildung.info
  16. Ella Yellowjacket, Australia, http://www.futurejourneys.com
  17. Gary Bukowski, Gary Douglas (USA) -- http://wishfarmers.com
  18. Labsji Link, Balaji Sowmyanarayanan, Chennai, India, http://labsji.wordpress.com http://twitter.com/labsji
  19. Billerbug Bucyk, Germany, http://www.otherland-group.com
  20. Rhiannon Chatnoir, The Vesuvius Group (USA), http://thevesuviusgroup.com
  21. James Leva, New York, USA Travel Vacations Forum
  22. Grims Ingersoll, Thomas Schulze, Germany, thomas.schulze@bluepillgroup.com
  23. Dia Diqui, Germany, http://www.realtime-collaboration.de">http://www.realtime-collaboration.de
  24. guttertec Mekong, Germany
  25. Bernd Celt, Bernd Schmitz, Multimediablog
  26. Han Hermans, Germany
  27. Jim Gustafson, Marian Heddesheimer, Germany, tags: web20, e-learning, scripting - http://www.secondpresentation.com/blog/
  28. Mattis Voltaire, MattisManzel, Germany, Mattis-Manzel-wiki
  29. Diddi Habercom, Stefan Römer, Germany, sl-ideas
  30. Mathias Daus, Berlin, GameDuell
  31. Lucas Pretti, Lucca Pekli, Brazil, estadao.com.br
  32. Elisangela Roxo, Elis Umarov, Brazil.
  33. Enki Alcott, Thomas Arnold, Germany
  34. Torrid Luna, Berlin/Germany, Primforge / ZKM
  35. Sonja Kury, Shanghai/China Tongji University
  36. Andreas Mertens (Patrick Wunderland) SLTalk & Partner, SLTalk
  37. AIBO Nagy, Phil v. Sassen, Germany, sassen.org 3 tags: Thesis about Second Life, blogging, networking
  38. Delphina Audina
  39. Cecile Lubitsch, Germany, Schaltzeit GmbH
  40. Max Bergson, Annette Pohlke, Germany, [http://www.sl-log.de]
  41. Pipi Tinlegs, Amy Lenzo, USA, www.beautydialogues
  42. timmi Revolution, thomas molck, Germany - Tags: e-teaching in second-life, hactivismus, medienflut


Sunday / 9. september

20Uhr MEZ


  1. MattisManzel, sl:Mattis Voltaire
  2. Bernd Celt, Bernd Schmitz, Multimediablog
  3. Aznar Alas, Germany, Schreibloga.de
  4. AIBO Nagy, Phil v. Sassen, Germany, sassen.org 3 tags: Thesis about Second Life, blogging, networking


Maybe List


We received so much feedback that the date had not been well chosen, that we have postponed it to September 8/9.


  1. Barry Walcher (Welch), Rezzible, WoodenCube
  2. Pyrrha Dell/Laura Thomas, Twitter: LPT
  3. Oliver Gassner, Oliver Gassner ;) http://blog.oliver-gassner.de
  4. Henning Krieg, kriegs-recht.de
  5. IamOnA Expedition / Dirk Ginader http://blog.ginader.de
  6. Blitz Buckler, Rene Welter,GER, Blog / Twitter / XING
  7. Bartholomew T. Kleiber, Dirk Krause,GER
  8. RazorT Ratite, Tim Ebermann, Germany, http://www.slarbeitsamt.de http://www.worlds-unlimited.de
  9. Robbie Kiama, Lithuania, Meta Mart
  10. Ole Willsmere, Ole Wiemeler, Germany MP:Blog
  11. Yoz Linden
  12. Aiana Cortes, US
  13. Flikiti Uriza, Volker Gehrmann, Dominican Republic, http://www.sl-inworld-productions.es
  14. Biesi Bing, Thomas Biesenbach, Germany, http://blog.thomasbiesenbach.de
  15. Mikey D'Angelo metro pcs 
  16. Piro Laval, Germany
  17. Pier Lusch, Piergiorgio Lucidi, Italy, http://www.piergiorgiolucidi.com/
  18. Lovion Fussbudget; Austria; http://www.mediaclan.at
  19. thomas molck, germany, soz-kult.fh-duesseldorf.de/molck
  20. PedroSanta Petrov, Pedro Machado Santa, Portugal, http://pedrosanta.blogspot.com
  21. Tuesday McKay/Betsy Weber, (Okemos, MI USA) http://visuallounge.techsmith.com
  22. Melanie Wentow, germany http://www.schaltzeit.de
  23. David Sibbet, San Francisco, California. http://www.davidsibbet.com
  24. Gerrit Eicker, Münster, Germany, BeyondNoise.net
  25. André Wegner, Germany
  26. Peter9900 Babenco, Martin Heyn, Germany, blog
  27. Lula Lykin
  28. Tobias Daguerre, Germany, http://neotopia.eu
  29. Tobias Abt, Germany, http://www.abmedia.de
  30. Lab Zabelin, Julien Capelle, France


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